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St. Augustine, Palm Coast and Jacksonville Beach Property Management -
Looking for a property manager for your Florida vacation rental?


My name is Steve Milo and I own a full service property management company at that is now managing over 200 vacations rentals.

I have built my business through “word of mouth” and through Internet marketing – especially the search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Based on my own personal experience and references from other owners who I manage, I am achieving superior occupancy rates.

Just to give you a little background, I personally own 17 rental properties on the West Coast of Florida that I personally manage and market. I’ve been managing my own vacation rentals for over 5 years. Prior to that, I worked full time in the software and Internet Marketing industry and ran an e-commerce marketing division for a very large company. I left my "day job" in August 2005, to pursue my passion in real estate and vacation rentals.

I’ve learned the Vacation Rental business by managing my own vacation rental properties. I’ve now used my Internet marketing background to create a very effective vacation rental business. My only complaint for the vacation rental business is that I did not start it sooner as I really love it!

One question property owners always ask is why are my occupancy rates so much higher than other companies?

We are not just another rental company--WHY???

Vacation Rental Pros is achieving superior occupancy. Today, the Internet increasingly dominates consumers’ hunt for vacation rentals, while most managers lack an understanding of what it takes to succeed in Internet marketing.

Internet marketing is our specialty, and we let our occupancy rates do the talking. Vacation Rental Pros is spending thousands and thousands of dollars every single month to achieve superior search results on targeted online travel directories.

My main web site is and averages close to 1,000-1,500 unique visitors every single day.

My other web site is "pet friendly" and averages 1,500-3,000 visitors per day. I only list condos or homes that are pet friendly on this site. You can see it at

My strongest asset is my owners’ satisfaction with my service.

Take a moment to read Vacation Rental Pros reviews and testimonials, below. Vacation Rental Pros handles every aspect involved with rental management. Bookings, cleaning, maintenance, repairs, etc…

Rental management is our full time job and our most important goal is our owner’s satisfaction.

I am confident that my company will provide you with the best property management and the highest occupancy you have ever had.

Not only will this put more money in your pocket, but we can deliver a superb rental history that will help increase the value of your property in our struggling Real Estate market.

If you have and high-quality home that can benefit from more rentals, we should talk.

I am selectively looking to manage vacation rentals and condos in Jacksonville Beach, Ponte Vedra, St. Augustine, Palm Coast, Siesta Key and Venice Florida.

Thank you for your consideration and review of our Vacation Rental Pros web site.

Steve Milo

PS – I would be happy to provide references from other owners.

Steve Milo
Managing Director (and owner)
Vacation Rental Pros Property Management LLC (operating under 509 of Florida Statutes)
PO Box 50433, Jacksonville Beach FL 32240
904-707-1487 (Cell Phone) - *** Best Number to Reach Me
941-847-0640 (Fax)


Yes, it can be done.  You can buy an investment home and make it pay for itself.  Not a guarantee, not necessarily easy, but it can be done!  Hard work, prayers and a positive attitude are essential.  Plus, a strong will to succeed and patience are helpful …   

There’s an old marketing maxim that I’ve used since my earliest days in marketing.  I’ve borrowed it from the sports marketing world.  When considering a marketing program, this is the rule:

  • First Year – Expect to lose money
  • Second Year – Expect to break even
  • Third and Consequent Years – Expect to make money

This has been true for me in my investment property purchases, and is coming true for my other clients.  You can make your investment home work for you.  Again, this is not a guarantee.  Ocean view and ocean front properties range from $500,000 on up.  As a general rule, as the cost of the property goes up, the wider the gap between the operating cost and the rental income, but this is not set in stone.  It is affected by the marketing, the area and the particular property. 

If you already have a second home and wish to increase the revenue, please contact me, Steve Milo, at 1-904-707-1487 for a consultation visit.   

Once I know of your budget requirements, I can assist in a plan for a new or existing home.

Property Management Services in detail  
  • Vacation Rental Pros advertised locally, nationally and internationally.

  • We talk and communicate with hundreds of inquiring travelers each week

  • Guests are qualified for our homes

  • Rental agreements are written and negotiated for your home

  • Security deposits and rental payments are collected

  • Guests are personally checked in and out

  • Quality and cleanliness inspections are constant

  • Cleaning service people are bonded, insured and overseen

  • 24 hour emergency service is available for problems

  • A monthly itemized statement and IRS 1099 form are provided (at the end of the year)

Advertising and Marketing

I have another favorite marketing maxim.  I believe it’s from Big Blue – Xerox – and it states:  It takes 100 calls to get 10 appointments.  It takes 10 appointments to get a contract.  It’s true!  We take hundreds of inquiries every week.  Every contact is a good one and filed for future mailings and phone calls.  Our guests are our best advertising venue – friendly referrals and returning guests constitute a large portion of our rentals.

Guest and Tenant Screening

Short-term guests pay the full amount in advance, plus a security deposit, credit card number and driver’s license number.

Rental Rates

Rental rates are based on the quality of the property and comparable offerings in the area – what the market will bear.  The location and condition of the property are paramount to the market price.  There is also a seasonality to vacation rentals, as well as special events in the area.  Flexibility is the key to the question – a little more for the special holidays, a little less to keep a house from sitting empty.

Rates are not set by totaling your mortgage payment, taxes, maintenance and furnishings – unfortunately not!  The key to a workable rental rate is an attractive, quality product in a great location offered with superior service and comparably priced.  Then marketing the product to the proper audience and drawing that audience to your product!

Guest Policies

You know what?  The magic here is to follow the lead of the great hotels in the world.  Offer every amenity you can, charge accordingly, and be strict in your agreement with the guest.  We have probably the best rental agreement in the industry.  Every detail is clearly defined.   Because every one of our homes is a personally owned, fine home, we charge top dollar, deliver a great product and our guests are respectful.  


Some of our owners make their homes pet friendly, others do not. We can help you decide what is best for you.

Being a lifelong pet owner, I require vet certificates, am stringent on the cleanliness of my home, offer fenced yards whenever possible and am fortunately located on a pet friendly beach.


I follow a standard no smoking policy at every home.  Decks and porches are fine for smoking.  Again, cleanliness is key.

DSL and Internet Lines

For the type of guest we attract, I feel it is essential to offer DSL and internet access.  At least one cable is available in each home.  I send information on how to download specific software in advance, so that the guest can be prepared and stay connected during their vacation.  This is a small cost and highly appreciated by my guests.  

Family Time

It is important for you to set time aside for your family to enjoy your own home.  You may select these dates early in the year, and block them out from paid rentals.  Or, you may choose to just visit when the house is empty.  It’s up to you and your personal choices.  I will work with you to your satisfaction.


If you have more questions, please feel free to call or email me to further discuss this profound opportunity!  I love to talk about homes, guests, owners, vacations, the joy I’m experiencing.

How to get help

If you have any further questions, please contact me personally:  Steve Milo at 1-904-707-1487 or email

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