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St. Augustine Pet Friendly Vacation Homes, Cottages and Dog Friendly Beach House Rentals

Find Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals & Other Pet Friendly Vacation Information


Since my earliest memories, animals have been part of my life. I have built this business with great homes that welcome pets. When a new homeowner joins us, one of the first questions is “Should we allow pets?” By all means! We love pets and their owners and work hard to make you all happy.

More and more families view their pets as full fledged family members – our pets have their own special food, special beds, a basket full of toys and a very special place in their human’s heart. This is Hunter, with Ella, Tinker & Clara at Summer Haven >>>

Until it’s time to go on vacation, that is! Then they’re consigned to “Watch the fort!”, “We’re going to church!” - staying at home, while everyone else hops off on a fun filled vacation at the beach – “What about me??” May pet lovers hesitate to take their pets on vacation because they’re unaware of the homes available that welcome pets. Others aren’t sure if Nikki Snickers or Fuzzy Lumpkins will adapt to travel and a strange home.

<<<<< This is our darling Ella, who inspired our pet friendly attitude

The truth is planning a family pet into the family vacation is fairly easy – especially at The Beach Cottages. Most pets respond well to travel – and we respond well to traveling pets! Nearly every one of our homes is pet friendly – owned by people who own and love their pets.

So, if you’ve been longing to hit the trail with your canine or feline companion – get packing! We’re here to help with your arrangements, pet sitters, veterinarians, even Doggy Day Care – believe it or not! If you’re traveling with your horses, we can help find suitable stabling and guide you to some of the best trails in the state. There are bark parks in our towns, county and state parks that welcome pets and places we’ve found that are just wonderful for your kids and pets – long beach and country walks – we’ll be happy to provide this information. But, first let’s take care of some of the preliminaries ….

Should your pet travel? Before making reservations, determine if your pet should travel. Most can and do travel well. Others do not – You know your ‘baby’ better than we do! If they’re not well, too young, pregnant – well, maybe you should reconsider. Can he adjust to new places? Does she get stressed out? If your pet isn’t up to the trip, and you’re going to be worried about her the whole time you’re trying to rest and relax – maybe it’s best to leave her home with a trusted pet sitter, or in a well run kennel. 

Even if Nikki Snickers and Fluffy are seasoned travelers, are they going to be happy if you’re spending the night at the 24 Hours of Daytona? If you’re going to spend most of your days in this historic district of St. Augustine? If your pet is happy under the beach umbrella at Summer Haven, and that’s where you’re planning to spend your days (with your good book and a cooler of margarita’s) well, then come on! We do have pet sitters to visit the homes, walk and play with your pet, feed, entertain, whatever – but just think about what you really want of Fuzzy Lumpkins and you. We’ll work with you!

Can your pet actively participate in your vacation? Lizards, hamsters, birds – we welcome all – won’t be happy at the beach, or in the cobbled streets of St. Augustine – These little fellows should probably stay home. But, if you’re coming down for a season – bring them with you!

We welcome all shapes and sizes.  We have had as many as five dogs with one family!    

This is another of Ellie relaxing at the Villa

<<These are Tina Valant- Siebelts’ Aussies, during one of their many visits to Villa Villekula. Oh, Tina! for extraordinary pet portraits!

We do charge extra fees -$100 for each pet. Some of our homes are restricted to small pets only. Some do not permit pets at all. So, please call with any questions at 1.904.246.8181

We also have a pet friendly web site that lists all the pet friendly rentals:

Click here for Florida Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals


God Bless Them!  For individuals with disabilities, who have service animals, we waive the normal pet fee.  Please let us know how we can assist.



Please have an up-to-date vaccination record or health certificate from your veterinarian.  Rabies, distemper and kennel cough vaccinations are a must.  If your pet is taking medications be sure to bring these along with you, as well as a few days extra supply.  We have several vets in our area that we trust and like for any emergencies.  Some even make house calls.


Never leave your pet alone in the house, unless in her crate, and only for short periods. We’ve had the best behaved pets do ‘rude’ things when left alone, to roam and not find their humans.

Most of our homes have either wood or tile floors; a few rooms are carpeted. As most of us are here for the beach, we ask that you wash Fluffy off outside and keep her there until she is dry. Several homes have hot/cold showers in the gardens to make this a more pleasant experience for both of you.

Please do not welcome your pets onto our beds and furniture – we know you understand.


  • Do Not take me swimming in the pool.
  • Do Not leave me alone in the room to "ruff" up housekeeping.
  • Do Not let me potty on flower beds and manicured landscaping.
  • Do Not put Fluffy's Litter Box by the bed. Try the Bathroom.
  • Do Not take me into the hotel restaurant to eat - but do ask about our area restaurants that have outdoor areas and where your pets may join you!
  • Do Not leave me at home. I wanna go too!
For more information on pet etiquette please see this article:

Click here to read Emily Paws Pet Travel Tips

Leash laws apply on our lanes and beaches. Please be respectful of others. You will find at our Summer Haven beach, that there are extended dune lines where there are virtually no other people or pets. Here we will let our pups romp and play – but only if there’s no one to be bothered by this freedom. We do keep the pups and kids and us off the dunes – they’re delicate and precious – but the tidal beach provides ample room for play.

We always keep a supply of bags at each home for scoops – please keep up with this on your walks, where ever you may be.



Be sure to bring your leashes, dog towels, food and water bowls, and scoopers. Our yards are quite well tended, but it’s your responsibility to pick up after Fuzzy Lumpkins in both the yard, on the streets and on the beach. 

Does Fluffy sleep in a kennel at home? - bring it along.

Be sure to have a current id tag and collar -

An ample supply of food - should you bring a gallon or two of water from home?  Don't forget the treats!

A blanket or other bedding - please don't welcome your pets onto our furniture and beds - we think you'll understand and cooperate

A recent photo and description of Fluffy

Grooming supplies, litter supplies, first aid kit


For more tips on traveling with a pet please read these articles:

Pet Transportation
Emily Paws Pet Travel Manner Tips


When the Fuzzy and Snikkers have arrived at our home, you will find that your pet has the same problems adjusting as you do. We must learn the way around the house and neighborhood. Fuzzy must meet new neighbors, both animals and humans. Snikkers must adjust to new water and climate, and must learn where he can and cannot go.

It is advisable to keep Fuzzy and Snikkers within the home until it realizes that this is a HOME and not a temporary residence (even though it is). They may wander off and try to find the former residence. This is especially true of cats; they should be confined and a figure eight harness should be used for walks.

Make Fuzzy and Snikkers feel at home by using familiar dishes, blanket, toys, and other items. Check with me to determine any special problems your pets might encounter, for example, the neighborhood grouch (we have one or two) and welcome to Paradise - we do have snakes! Also, make a particular effort to keep your dog inside on garbage collection day. There are better ways to meet your neighbors than over a spilled garbage can.

If you carefully plan your vacation with your "babies", you may make a smooth transition from your old to new destination.  But, be prepared for the unexpected; it can and probably will happen.


***  State Entry Requirements  ***

  • If your destination is across state lines, nearly every state has laws on the entry of animals, with the exception of tropical fish. For information, call or write to the State Veterinarian, State Department of Animal Husbandry, or other appropriate authority.

  • Interstate health certificates must accompany dogs and horses entering nearly all states. About half have the same requirements for other pets. In some cases, this certificate must be in the hands of the state regulatory agency in advance of the entry.

  • All but four states require an up-to-date rabies inoculation for dogs and many require it for cats. The rabies tag must be securely attached to the pet's collar. Hawaii requires that cats and dogs be quarantined for 120 days.

  • Some pets must have an entry permit issued by the destination state's regulatory agency. Receipt of the interstate health certificate may be required before the permit can be issued. Some states limit the time during which the entry permit is valid.

  • A few states have border inspections of all animals being transported; others have random inspection by highway patrol officers. State agriculture representatives are usually present at airports to inspect pets arriving by air.

For more information on traveling with pets and specific state requirements, please click to:  

For more information on traveling with pets:
Pet Friendly Vacation Rental Homes and Condos in Florida


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